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I have never seen such *** poor management/customer care as I did with Golds Gym in Broken Arrow, OK. I went into the Gym two months ago to trans my membership to Texas or to cancel it "which ever I need to do". I spoke with the GM "Rick". Once he found out I was trying to cancel my membership things changed. He then put me off and had me talk with someone else in the gym. That should have been my first clue. I tried several times "about 8 times" to call him "would not return my calls". I went to the gym "he was always to busy when they called back and told him who was looking for him. I would call again, his response " in meeting, on call and so on. OK, I am sure he was sometimes or " So I thought" But I would leave my number "no return calls". This went on for almost two months. I finally went to the other location in Tulsa, OK and spoke with the GM there "Martin" POOF in two minutes my problem was resolved. Martin explained to me this was and is an on going this and explained he was very sorry for all my efforts and lose of time. The other manager at Woodland Hills also told me how sorry she was for my delay and told me if "I" would have came to them first or had spoke with the Operations Manager at Broken Arrow "Thomas" that none of this would have happen and things would have been fixed to start with.

After leaving Woodland Hills I called back to Broken Arrow to give "Rick" a piece of my mind. However, once again he was out of the Gym. As I was about to hang up I asked the lady who answered the phone if I could speak with "Thomas" concerning my cancellation. She advised me that "Thomas was with a member but she would give him my number. I laughed "thinking oh boy it must be a Broken Arrow thing".

But to my surprise about 5 minutes later my phone rings. The person on the other end introduced himself as "Thomas" and said he was returning my call reference to my cancellation.

I explained to Thomas I what I had been through and was thankful that Broken Arrow had at least one good manager. Thomas was extremely sorry for my problems and asked if there was anything he could do to change my mind about my cancellation.

As I told him at first I just wanted to transfer my membership to Texas but after the things I went through that was no way in *** I would stay with Golds.

If this really is an ongoing problem as I was advised from Woodland Hills then "Rick" needs to be fired. Not given a warning but fired. I can assure you I am not the only one that has problems. Any manager that is that lazy will never reform to what a good manager should be and to keep him would show *** poor judgement and the lack of customer support. By all means feel free to contact me. I will not add my number to this site for every *** to contact me but Woodland Hills has my number. Just ask about the x-member that moved to Texas month and wanted to remain a member till I had the great chance of meeting Rick.

over the years I have seen great business go down the tubes because of *** poor management. In time Broken Arrow will be one of those business if Golds does not do the right thing!

Good customer service is either something you have or do not have. If Golds allows this, then they are showing me and others what Golds is really about. just remember Golds needs members to pay your salary. Without happy members you have no gym, no gym equals no pay check.

As to the Woodland Hills Management and to Thomas at Broken Arrow keep up the good work!

Golden Gym - Neglect to cancel account and continue to charge me

Anaheim, California 0 comments

In June 2006 I had made a call to Golden’s Gym stating that I would be moving out of the city and inquired if I could cancel my contract.I was advised that if I mailed in proof of re-location that I could cancel my contract free of charge.

All was sent- I was under the impression that the cancellation took place in June 2006.

I received a call in 2007 from ABC financial advising that I had an unpaid balance due to Golden’s Gym. At this time, I contacted the manager of Golden’s Gym and advised of the situation. I was advised to re-fax my proof of relocation and the situation would be taken off of my account.

On 7-10-08 I received another call from Vision Financial advising that legal action was being taken against me because I have an unpaid balance to Pure Fitness for $240.

I do not feel that this is fair treatment to the consumer nor should I be responsible for making these payments as I have not been to this location in over 2 years and have cancelled twice.I feel that now I am being harassed by this collection agency when I should not be since I made the proper steps to cancel on more than one occasion; I have also not utilized any services at this gym prior to June 2006.

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